Connect to Your Heart's Guidance

Deep Union with the Heart's Wisdom

    1. Introduction to Practice Bundle

    2. Ride the exhale

    3. Heart Womb Expansion

    4. Opening the heart channels

    5. Unlocking the heart space

About This Bundle

  • $111.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


What is included in this bundle?

  • Ride the exhale guided meditation

    This is a 12-minute guided meditation to support deepening your experience of the exhale. To take you into the freedom that the exhale offers when you fully surrender. When we bring our awareness to the breath we tend to control the exhale. But it is in the exhale that our body softens into surrender and letting go. So we practice deepening our experience of the exhale, getting lost in surrender, and coming closer to our own intimacy with the sensation of the breath. I suggest beginning the bundle with this practice so that you can carry the technique into the other three practices.

  • Expanding the heart womb connection

    This is a 15-minute guided meditation bringing you into the sensations of the heart and the womb. This meditation will support you in circulating the creative, sexual energy of the womb with the compassionate love of the heart. I will guide you in connecting to the sensations of the heart and womb, and circulate sexual energy with love, freeing what has lied closed and protected for so long. We soften the armoring of the heart to be witnessed in its longing, and open the power of the womb to guide you.

  • Opening the heart channels

    This is a 30-minute movement practice to open the flow of energy through your heart. The energetic channels that run through your heart also run all the way out your chest, through the front and back of your shoulders, and out your arms and fingertips. So in this practice, we play with the sensation and flow of energy as it moves from our hearts and out. This will give you access to receive the flow of energy moving through your body, opening you in soft vulnerability, surrender, and receptivity. It is our ability to surrender and receive, that attracts the polarity of our masculine partner in the dance of sexual intimacy.

  • Unlocking the heart space

    This is a 50-minute guided meditation and movement practice. We begin connecting to the sensations of the breath and evolve into the flow of movement. In my work as a massage therapist, I found that our society has a chronic posture of closure and protection around the heart. But this armoring keeps our longing for deeper intimacy from being felt by our intimate partner. So in this practice, we will feel the sensations around the heart, breath, move, and open the energetic blocks that hide our true desires from being seen and felt.